Greetings from the Department – 16.05.2024

Instituttleder Ørjan Totland. Foto: Eivind Senneset, UiB

Dear all,

We have received a very pleasant message from the Faculty: “BIO has been transferred NOK 14.5 million in license income. The funds will cover salary expenses for already existing positions in fish health in the years to come. The department’s work to reduce the accumulated deficit must continue as planned, regardless of whether these funds are added.” The funds come from the sale of a license many years ago, originating in fish health. The faculty has worked to ensure that the funds are now transferred to BIO. This means that our deficit is being reduced faster than we previously assumed, but we still have at least 25 million in deficit and will still have to live with job cuts in the coming years. In any case, this gives us hope that we can hire in specialist areas where there is a critical need faster than we have feared.

And then a little news about names: Our eminent head of education Anne will have a research term from 1 August. Many thanks to Øyvind Halskau, who is taking over as Anne’s substitute for one year.

Ståle Ellingsen must be replaced as head of the program board for Biology. Many thanks to Ståle, who has done a magnificent job here. I am very happy that Adele Mennerat is taking over this important task. Adele is well established in the study programs (bachelor’s and master’s) and I am sure she will do a brilliant job coordinating these two study programmes. Thank you so much Adele.

Then it remains to wish everyone a very good 17 May celebration. It will be a glorious and warm day for celebration. It is also very pleasing that the PhD/post doc committee is organizing a breakfast in Tunet on 17 May, at 0830, and then go to town to watch the procession. I encourage all PhDs and post docs who have the opportunity to join here and take part in the community.

Hip hip hurrrrrraaaaaa!!!!!!!


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