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Bikuben Vol. 2 is out!

The second edition of Bikuben student journal is now available online at You may read all articles on our website or download the whole issue as PDF here.

Gene therapy in the Biotekpodden podcast

[Norwegian language] Hva er egentlig genterapi? Hvordan virker genterapi? Og hvorfor er genterapi så dyrt? Molekylærbiolog Caroline Bianchi Strømme og lege og medisinsk etiker Eirik Joakim Tranvåg snakker om genterapi i denne episoden av Biotekpodden. Programleder: Mette Risa, kommunikasjonssjef i…

From sailing expedition to research paper

“Teaching sustainability at the high sea: the “One Ocean Expedition”” has now been published in the renowned journal Sustainability Science. The article shares experiences from the UiB summer course “SDG 200 Ocean-Climate-Society” on the voyage’s first leg across the Pacific…

Stipend for science journalism!

[Our translation] Dear friends, We have the pleasure of announcing our own Stipend for science journalism Apply for 50.000,- for journalism on science and research Application deadline is 15. november

Pint of Science Bergen is Recruiting Volunteers

Dear All, My name is Inés, and I serve as the Bergen city coordinator for Pint of Science in Norway. We are recruiting volunteers to help us find speakers and organise the next festival. You can find more information about…