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Thu 15. Feb. Digital teachers meeting @ BIO

Welcome to the digital teachers meeting @ BIO February 15th at 12:15-13:00! In this meeting, we will learn more about an activity bingo that was used to increase learning in the BIO325 course last autumn. We will learn more about how…

Fri 23. Mar. PhD defense, Victoria Røyseth

Discovery of novel marine clostripain-like proteases from Arctic hydrothermal vents – activation mechanism, substrate utilization and biotechnological aspects When: 10.15-12.45 Where: Lille auditorium, Datablokken, TM55

Greetings from the Department – 9.2.2024

Dear all, On 6 March there is a big celebration of bioCEED’s 10-year anniversary in the University aula (seeårsjubileum-seminar). bioCEED’s success as a Center for Excellence in Education is largely the result of the efforts of all of us…

Information channels at BIO

Dear all, We are a large department and depend on a set of information channels to distribute information as effectively and with as little spam/noise as possible: The newsletter – Bionytt Joint e-mail lists Teams-groups