Greetings from the Department – 6.05.22

Foto: Eivind Senneset, UiB

Hello everyone,

First some info about the relocation process:

We have not yet made any final decisions on which areas we will dispose of. I fully understand that you are impatient and want to know. However, at the same time it is important that the decisions are made on a well informed basis. We are still in the process of follow-up meetings with faggrupper / scientific environments to verify that it is realistic to move from the areas that are proposed.

Last week we had a meeting with EIA (Estate and Facilities Management division) about the process, and EIA made it clear that they want to be well informed at all stages, and also that they will offer very helpful assistance in the process. We will submit an overview to EIA of which areas we want to dispose of by mid-May. Here we must also outline any construction work/adaptions that needs to be done to our remaining areas as part of the process.

This Wednesday, we had a meeting with IDU (Information and Discussion Committee at the faculty), to inform them about the process. In general, we received positive feedback, but they were concerned about the importance of good information throughout the process and of course participation from everyone affected.
When it has been decided which areas we will move out of, we will plan in detail the relocation of both equipment and office space. We envisage a concentrated moving week, where we ask that everyone helps out, including those of you who are not yourself moving. It is especially on the lab / equipment side that it becomes important that we manage to plan optimally, so that the down-time on lab work is as short as possible. My goal is for us to finish the whole process before the summer holidays, and I think that is realistic. I want to thank everyone who comes up with constructive critical input. We do what we can to take the input into account, but at the end of the day the core of the situation is that we must reduce our overall use of space, and particularly so with regard to lab areas.

On top of everything that has to do with relocation and cost cuts on many fronts, we are also entering a very hectic time with end of semester, exams, submission of master’s theses, etc. Thank you to everyone involved in teaching, supervision and to everyone in the study administration who does a formidable effort to ensure that all this goes well.

On Saturday 23 April, MatNat’s contribution to UiB’s 75th anniversary, «Experience Marineholmen», took place. In beautiful weather, the event really became the celebration we had hoped for and the faculty with partners got to show their science to the people of Bergen in an excellent way. A number of individuals and academic environments from the department contributed with great commitment, competence and joy of communication – thank you very much for showing up, and for being brilliant ambassadors for the department.

With that I wish you all a very nice weekend.


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