Limitations in transfer of holidays

Dear colleagues, this is a gentle reminder of our current restrictions on the transfer of holiday. As you are well aware, we are in a period of cost reduction.

One of the items that has been reviewed is the cost charged to the department for unused holiday and flextime. All unpaid holiday and flex time is highlighted as a cost in our budget.

Due to this, the department will not allow the transfer of holiday until 2023. Previously transferred holiday must also be completed in the current year.

The transfer of holiday can only be agreed in exceptional cases, and this is limited to holidays that cannot be taken on the basis of sick leave or absence due to sickness. This is agreed directly with the head of administration, who approves holiday transfers in the self-service portal.

We currently do not give any guidance on taking flextime beyond UiB’s general guidelines.

This of course affects many of us, and I regret that we do not have the opportunity to provide the flexibility that has previously been customary.

I ask that everyone check your entries in the DFØ self-service portal to make sure you have registered your summer holiday in the portal, and make a plan for the remaining holiday (you will be able to adjust the actual dates for your holiday days later on).  This way you avioid losing one or more days of holiday due to the current restriction.


Best, Julie


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