Greetings from the Department – 30.9.2022

Foto: Eivind Senneset, UiB

Last week, Julie and I attended a meeting of Forhandlingsutvalget at UiB. There, the trade unions made comments that employees at BIO perceive the information about measures aimed at bringing our economy into balance as insufficient. In response to this, we are now creating a new column in BIOnytt where we provide information on what is happening around the economy and the area process. I know we can always provide more information and that many of you are affected by these processes. So I hope that in the future we will get this better.

As I mentioned in my previous leader, we have now drawn up new routines for the distribution and follow-up of compulsory work for PhD fellows (The file can also be found on BIO’s internal page at MittUiB.) It is the Faggruppe leader who is responsible for managing this important resource for BIO and it is important that we manage to distribute it in a good and fair way, so that the PhD candidates and course in charges (emneansvarlige) have good predictability when it comes to teaching assistance.

Tuesday this week was a day of joy! We had a department council meeting and got our new strategic plan and action plan adopted. Finally! Many thanks to all of you who have contributed with critical and constructive input and many thanks to the management team and especially Jon Vidar and Julie who have really driven this through the last few months. I am very happy with the plan. Now it is important that it does not end up in the drawer, but rather is used as an active tool in the further operation and development of our great and important department. I look forward to it! Next the strategic plan will be translated into English and published online in a nice wrapping.

På oppdrag fra fakultetet har vi også fått vedtatt vår handlingsplan for likestilling, inkludering og mangfold. Lill Knutsen, Harald Lunde Sæbø og Christiane Eichner har utgjort en arbeidsgruppe med å utarbeide et utkast til planen og de gjorde en helt ypperlig jobb.

Here is fantastically good and impressive news. Alicia Barraclough has received an ERA-NET BIODIVERSA+ project. The project’s title is “Supporting the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems across land and sea”. This project comes on top of the KSP project she received from NFR before the summer. Really impressive. Alicia is a post doc affiliated with the CeSAM centre, and it is very gratifying to see all the good work going on there. Congratulations to Alicia and everyone else who contributed.

All that remains is to wish you all a very good weekend. I hope you get the chance to enjoy the beautiful autumn.

Hilsen Ørjan

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