Economy update 11.11.2022

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Budget 2023: the distribution of the Faculty’s budget for 2023 is still ongoing, and we do not yet know the final figures. But as mentioned in this column earlier, we expect the 2023 budget to be tighter for everyone.

Although everything is still not finalized, we can see some signs already. We expect a reduction in the allocation to BIO of approximately 4 million in the basic grant. We also know that the rent is expected to increase by 10%, in addition to MATNAT having to cover a one-off cost linked to increased energy costs of almost 6 million. BIO’s share of this one-off cost amounts to 1.2 million.

Status of relocations: There are many people who are currently working on internal relocations – currently most intensely in the B block of Biologen. We are also well underway with emptying the archives in the A block. There is a lot of focus on this at the moment, and as Hilde writes in this week’s leader, we encourage everyone to give a helping hand to your colleagues whenever needed.

Teaching costs: Piloting the course budget (“emnebudsjett”) is somewhat delayed. As mentioned in the previous column, we will create a budget for each of our courses, in order to get an overview of the overall cost for all our courses combined. We had planned to distribute forms to the selected courses for the pilot study during week 44, but working out a well functioning form/spreadsheet has taken more time than expected. The process is thus somewhat delayed, but we still want to carry out the pilot before Christmas.

Compulsory teaching duty: We are focused on reducing the hiring of teaching assistants, and we are therefore investigating whether we can make more efficient use of our PhDs compulsory teaching duty. We are currently collecting reports for compulsory work for the autumn 2022, and a meeting with the faggruppe leaders will be held next week to review the status of the Department’s use of compulsory work. According to the new routine which we published earlier this autumn, it is faggruppe leaders who assign compulsory work. We look at the compulsory work against the registered need for teaching assistance for the spring, which is also being surveyed these days.

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