Greetings from the Department 11.11.2022

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This week’s update come from us technicians at BIO. Many of us are currently busy moving laboratories. It is not an easy process! There is much to be done and much to decide on. How do we want to design the new laboratories? What will the new work processes be like? What do we do with all the samples that have piled up in cupboards, fridges and freezers? Who owns them, what can be thrown away and what must we keep? Or what about all the equipment we no longer need? They are often expensive instruments and often fully usable as well. Simply throwing  them away is not environmentally friendly, so we try our best to find new owners internally at BIO or outside. We may not have room for a piece of equipment in the laboratories at the time, but want to store it for later use. What about storage space, that also costs money.

In addition to the moving process, the wheels must be kept rolling on other fronts as well. Teaching must go on as normal, goods must be ordered, instruments must be operated, analyzes must be carried out, we cannot forget the HSE work either. It is not easy to be on top of everything and from time to time we probably get a little frustrated. Fortunately, BIO has a great technical staff who are good at working together. We help each other and search for good solutions across the professional groups (faggruppene). The technicians’ forum is, as always, a great arena for exchanging experience, discussing problems and finding solutions.

As I said, a lot to be done and a lot to decide on. An appeal to everyone at BIO is therefore: Help where needed, clear all you can of old samples and old equipment, and if you know of anyone who might need some of what we no longer need, let us know.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



Hilde Rief Armo

Tech-staff representative in the management group


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