Fire safety update

Photo of propella-sculpture by Høyteknologisenteret

BIOs assembly point in the case of a fire alarm is by the propella at Høyteknologisenteret

Recently we had fire safety drills in both buildings, T53 A/B and T55.

Many of us have changed offices or labs recently, we therefore encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the nearest emergency exit and have in mind an alternative emergency route. Everyone should evacuate the building upon a fire alarm and go to the gathering place at the Propeller between Data-block and VilVite and wait for further information. Do not enter the building if the fire alarm is on.

More information regarding fire safety can be found in BIO’s fire safety booklet  at mitt.uib BRANNBOK / FIRE SAFETY: Ansatt ved Institutt for biovitenskap ( , and also at UIB Fire safety | The HSE-gateway | UiB

In our buildings we have site managers and user representatives who have special tasks in case of a fire alarm.


Fire instructions for site managers (Yellow vest)

At least one person and one deputy on each floor are appointed, often technical staff. The list of site managers will soon be updated.



  • The yellow vest should be visible in the hallway.
  • If the dedicated person is not at work: If you see the yellow vest in the hallway upon evacuation you should put it on and complete the task below. This Applies to everyone
  • Ensure the evacuation is initiated in the event of a fire alarm.
  • Make sure that assistance is provided when evacuating people with disabilities. Evacuate to nearest staircase and wait for further help form the fire brigade.
  • Go through the area and make sure everyone evacuates. If people refuse, do not spend time arguing. Continue and report back to user representative (orange vest).

If you enter a room filled with smoke, close the door, evacuate and report back to the user representative (orange vest).

  • Perform inspections of the evacuation routes and self-closing doors. Are the evacuation routes free of clutter? Are the self-closing doors closed? functional fans in the staircases?
  • Report back to user representative (Orange vest) located outside by the main entrance. Especially point out if there are people left behind in the building and if assistance is needed for people with disabilities.
  • Outside you can receive tasks from the user representative (orange vest) for guarding the entrance doors if needed.
  • Following a fire alarm or evacuation of the building, send a report to user fire representative within 24 hours.


Fire instructions for user representatives (orange vest)

The main role for the user representative is to inform the fire brigade and receive feedback from the site managers upon evacuating the building in the event of a fire alarm.  In case the user representative is not at work one of the site managers needs to take the responsibility and wear the orange vest.


Bio-Building: Rita Karlsen

T53A: Solveig Thorkildsen

T53B: Elzbieta Petelenz


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