Economy update 2.12.2022

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Dear all, here is the status of the work with finances this week.

Relocation: Relocation tasks has been on the agenda all this week. The last day of moving was Thursday 01 December, and as of Friday 02 December the areas have been disposed of. The Estate and facilities management divison (EIA) has been invited to inspect the vacated areas Monday December 5th.

Financial work: Next week, week 49, we will focus on the budget for 2023. We will be working on both the the fixed salary budget as well as the budget for running costs. We are continuously working on the accounts prognoses for 2022, and next week we will be working on an update as of  November.

Teaching costs: Last week was the deadline for submitting the pilot course budgets.  An evaluation meeting of the pilot study has not yet been held, but we plan to have the meeting before Christmas.

Compulsory teaching duties: Before Christmas there will be a follow-up meeting to go through the distribution of compulsory teaching duty hours for PhD-fellows, in accordance with the need for teaching assistance as reported for each of our courses.  At this meeting we will also collect feedback on how the planning process has worked out.


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