Greetings from the Department 2.12.2022

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Dear colleagues,

This week we have reached a major and important milestone that has characterized our entire year. Today we dispose of approximately 2,500 m2 of our office and lab space back to the Estate and facilities management division (EIA), and we put an end to this year’s big relocation event.

I am impressed and proud of all the good work we have done; We have cleaned, thrown away, dismantled, reassembled, carried heavy loads, helped each other, cursed and laughed together. We have gone from stuffy labs, offices and archive rooms, to open, large rooms without content.

The feeling of moving from horror to joy, as you see that the full room in front of you, little by little by little (and with many trips to the container and other floors), gradually empties, is a good one. This is how I think many people have felt lately. To go from a feeling of overwhelm and setback, to mastery and goal achievement. It is almost unreal to walk today in the areas we are going to dispose of and see that the rooms are empty. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed in a small or large way for your help and motivation. We have managed this together. I am profoundly proud of us!

Today we take a breather and pat ourselves and our colleagues on the back for a job well done. We treat you to cake around lunchtime at Store Puddefjorden, the lunch corner in the fifth floor of Høyteknologisenteret (Bioblokken) and in the lunch corner at Svingen, by the administration, on Friday 02. December (today!).

Drop by for a piece of cake with a colleague, and praise each other for a well-executed move.

Congratulations again, everyone, on a major milestone!


Have a splendid weekend,




Julie Stavnes

Head of administration

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