Economy update 20.01.2023

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Course budgeting

After the pilot study last autumn, we are now planning to carry out budgeting for all our courses. It is Anne Bjune, Beate who is studying and Anne Marit Blokhus who will carry out this work which is planned to take place in the spring semester 2023.

Our teaching portfolio.

How should we prepare for teaching in the years to come, with the departures planned for the next few years? Anne, Anne Marit, Beate and the programme board chairpersons will create a plan for the coming years, and this work is scheduled to be completed in spring 2023.

New continuing education courses?

We want to investigate the possibilities of developing more continuing education courses. Ørjan will continue this work, and will contact possible candidates for this.

Infrastructure at BIO

How do we use our money for operations and infrastructure? In dialogue with Gunnar and the infrastructure committee, we want to look into this in more detail. The current topic here is more about the bench fees and what they should cover, and not least how the distribution of lab operations to the various professional groups works.

Internal capacity and distribution in the technician group

Anne Marit and Julie look at how this process should be. We are very much in the starting phase, and are looking at what has been done previously. We are going to create a small working group and a mandate for the group.

Joint information meetings

We are planning three joint information meetings this spring in VilVite: at the end of February, April and June.


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