Reminder: Nomination of candidates to the Department Council, representing groups B (temporarily employed staff in teaching and research positions) and D (students)

Foto: Son Nguyen / Scanpix

New members representing group B (temporarily employed staff in teaching and research positions) and group D (students) are to be elected for the period of 1.8.2023-31.7.2024. The deadline for nominations is March 20th.

The following representatives are to be elected

  • Group B: 1 representative and 2 substitutes
  • Group D: 2 representatives og 2 substitutes

We hereby invite all members of the respective groups to nominate candidates for the election.  For info on elegibility and right to nominate, please see below.

Nomination deadline: 20. March 12:00.  

All nominations are to be forwarded in writing (please use this form), signed by the proposers.  The nominations are to be submitted to the Department’s electoral contact ( and the Faculty’s electoral board secretary (

For further details regarding eligibility and link to the census, see the election webpage.

All major decisions at the department must be passed by the council – including our strategy, budget and accounts as well as major changes to our curricula.  As part of the council, you will gain influence on these matters.  At the same time you will learn a lot about the University as an institution and about the overall framework for our education and research.  Also, the experience of being a council representative will be a very relevant addition to your CV.

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