Parking controls in the area between Thormøhlensgate 55 and Thormøhlensgate 53 A-B-C-D

It has been decided to introduce parking controls for the area between the buildings. This area has until now been a “free zone”, which has resulted in a lot of unauthorized parking.

During week 12, there will be signs placed at the entrance. Bergen Parkering, which has a cooperation agreement with Sameiet Thormøhlensgate 55, will start inspection activities from 01.04 at the latest.

Cars without a parking permit will be subject to a fee in accordance with signage. We ask you to inform the users of the buildings. Signage at the entrance is also clearly visible.
The condominium Thormøhlensgate 55 has, after entering into an agreement with Bergen Parkering, no opportunity to waive imposed control fees.

Vennlig hilsen

Simen Sætersdal
For Sameiet Thormøhlensgate 55

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