Greetings from the Department – 5.5.2023

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Dear all.

This week I am leaving my position as a technical employee to join the administration as a student advisor.  That also means my period as the technician representative in the management group is at an end. I would like to thank you for many good years in a nice fellowship. Bio has a great staff of technical employes, solution-oriented and helpful, and I have greatly appreciated the good cooperation I have had with many of you. I would like to single out Teknikerforum, which I think ties together the various units at Bio in a great way. It is an important place where experiences and knowledge are exchanged, and where collaboration is developed across the scientific groups for the common good of Bio.

Birte Töpper will be taking over as technical representative in the management group. She has been on the board of Teknikerforum for many years now and has done an excellent job there. I am sure that she will represent the technicians in a good way in the management group as well. Good luck Birte.

A final request from me as a technician: We are now in the middle of new rounds of the relocation process and the need for clearing is an ever-recurring theme. Freezers, ultra-freezers, Bio-storage, etc. It fills up. It’s difficult to clear other people’s samples, so take a look and see if you have anything that can be thrown away. Maybe something will appear that you didn’t know you had.

Finally, I would like to thank my colleagues in the Microbiology group for many good years in a good professional and social community. I’m going to miss you, but luckily I’m not moving far so we’ll probably see each other in the halls.

I would like to wish you all a wonderful weekend!



Hilde Rief Armo

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