Panopto – Recording and editing for educational videos

Foto/ill.: Kristoffer Eik / Unsplash – Soundtrap

During the spring of 2023, UiB will introduce Panopto as a new video system. Panopto will take over for kaltura, which is currently used for My Videos in Mitt UiB. The functionality of the system, and the integration in Mitt UiB, will largely be the same as before.

With Panopto, we expect, among other things,
• A more stable video service
• An improved and simplified user experience for educational video by using the same service for both screen recording and classroom recording
• Almost the same functionality and integration with Mitt UiB as before
• More universally designed educational videos through an integrated video subtitling tool
• Easier administration of automatic deletion routines
Panopto is currently used at over 20 institutions in the HE sector. UiB purchases the service through Sikt’s framework agreement.

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