Applications for support for diversity and equality measures in scientific communities

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Applications for support for diversity and equality measures should be sent to the faculty in ePhorte on this letter’s case number by Friday 27 October 2023. Proposals from BIO should be sent to Nina Hølland no later than Friday 27 October at 10.00.

Note: The application must contain a brief description of the measures with content, time frame, cost and application amount. The department/centre must contribute an own share corresponding to the application amount, and the faculty will contribute half of this. Exceptions to this are, as in previous years, II positions, where the unit must cover the entire deductible requirement. The faculty will send a combined application to the central HR department by the deadline of 31 October 2023

About the scheme

In the Action Plan for Diversity, Inclusion and Equality 2023 – 2025, the university has decided that annual funds will be set aside for diversity and equality initiatives in the academic environments. In the past, these funds have mainly been aimed at gender equality and disabilities. In the new action plan, the concept of diversity is included and incorporated into new criteria.

The faculties, the University Library and the University Museum can apply for support for equality and diversity measures in their academic environments. The University of Bergen wants to be an inclusive and diverse place of work and study for all parts of the population. The measures will make diversity visible, increase our knowledge across the organization and contribute to inclusion and belonging. Support can also be applied for projects, events or the like that contribute to strengthening diversity.

The following measures can be applied for:

  • Measures that facilitate gender equality and an increased degree of diversity in the recruitment of students, employees and managers
  • Measures that promote gender balance in all study programmes
  • Measures and information that address zero tolerance for bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Measures that contribute to an inclusive working and learning environment by recognizing differences and different needs of all groups of employees and students
  • Measures aimed at increasing the recruitment of students with a multicultural background
  • Other equality and diversity measures laid down in the unit’s local action plan for diversity, inclusion and equality

It is also possible to apply for the following concrete measures in the professional environments:

  • Measures for better gender balance in top scientific positions and professional management
  • Support for employment in II positions
  • Qualification grant for academic staff


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