Status update on the ongoing noise-issues due to work in Store Lungegårdsvann

Noise measurements, left (pt 1) to right (pt 3)

The Estate and Facilities Management Divison (EIA) represented by Jan-Terje Nygaard, continuously follows up the noise situation related to the gravel laying work in Store Lungegårdsvann and the work boat which is located at the quay outside TM53/55. Several measures have been implemented in collaboration with the operator – Boston, and noise level measurements have been made before and after the measures. The latest status update from EIA reads as follows [Our translation]:

7.Nov Boston reports that they have taken further measures with more insulation around exhaust pipes, as well as in the ceiling above the pipes so that the opening is now away from our buildings.

They have also replaced some rollers in the conveyor belt that were making noise.

On 8.Nov I had a quick measurement round in the 2nd floor Bioblokk and there the users were satisfied with the level after the measures and I measured below 45dBA in the offices, i.e. below the limit value.

In T53A in the 2nd floor, I still measured values ​​on the right side of the limit value in the arch, but still over in the nearest part (point 3 on the overview picture).

However, there are not large deviations, the measurement is 46-47dBA and it applies to a handful of offices. Here I measured approx. 54dBA before measures for comparison.

The situation has thus improved somewhat, but there is still a need for further measures. We are following up the situation continuously in collaboration with EIA and will provide continuous information on developments.

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