New routines for waste management at BIO/Marineholmen


Please note that there will be different routines for disposing cardboard and residual waste at BIO depending on which building you work in.

Biologen (TM53), A & B-building

Should use the Recycling center/ “Miljøhallen” and containers behind VilVite. These two buildings require a code tag to gain access. We hope we get the code tags in place by the beginning of next week.

Type of waste Recycling center/ Miljøhallen Containers behind VilVite
cardboard X X
Residual waste X
Plastic waste X X
Electrical-waste, only small electrical equipment. Not computers X X
Batteries X
Light tubes, bulbs X X
Food waste X X
Styrofoam boxes,   X (residual waste)
Glass and metal X X


For your information it’s now possible to collect food waste and dispose it at the recycling center/Miljøhallen. You can collect food waste in either paper bags or plastic bags.

Bioblokken (Høyteknologisenteret, TM55)

UiB has recently installed a cardboard compactor located in the waste room in the computer block. You can access this room from the outside of the building towards the park. Only cardboard should be disposed of here. The waste room is closed, and access requires the use of your key card. We hope that access will be granted to all employees at the beginning of next week. The compactor is small, just close the door after the cardboard has been thrown into the opening. In addition, it is possible to dispose of food waste in this waste room.  When full, contact the janitors.

A separate compactor for residual waste is also available outside the BIO-building. The compactor is locked with a code lock. Contact your lab manager to get the code. Operations must be contacted if the compactor is full.

Type of waste Where to
Cardboard The compactor in Datablokken
Residual waste A grey compactor outside of the building, closed with a code lock.
Plastic waste Separate container towards «Bybanen», closed with a code lock.
Styrofoam boxes Separate container towards «Bybanen», closed with a code lock.
Food waste Waste room in Datablokken
Electrical waste More information will come later
Batteries Contact your lab manager.


Please remember!

No laboratory waste such as clean plastic tubes, gloves, chemical plastic bottles etc. should be thrown in plastic waste for recirculation.

The cardboard compactor at Datablokken, TM55



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