Winter School in “Quantitative Seascape Ecology of Marine Plankton” – Paris, 4-8 March 2024

Dear Colleague,

PSL University and its Qlife program in Quantitative Biology organize a winter school that will cover a range of quantitative studies in ecology made possible by the extensive Tara Oceans datasets, which comprise DNA sequence and organism imaging resources from all domains of plankton life including viruses,  as well as rich metadata to explore their environmental context.

Participants will learn to use these unprecedented resources for exploring contributions of plankton to ecological, evolutionary and biogeochemical processes, aiming to provide the predictive power needed to track the impact of climate change on life in the oceans.

Find attached a poster describing the course and the detailed program.

Deadline for application: January 7th 2024.

More information are available here:


Davide Di Cioccio

Access Officer————————————————————-European Marine Biological Resource CentreParis Headquarters4 Place Jussieu,Tour 46/00, 1er étage, bureau 10175252 Paris Cedex 05 (FR) mail: work: +33144274073

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