User time on research installations at BIO and within the operating agreement UiB/ILAB during spring semester 2024

Foto: BIO, Heikki Savolainen, Eivind Senneseth, Marineholmen RASLab

Applications must be submitted to the respective responsible persons no later than 20. January.

Application form:

Everyone who works with laboratory animals must have an approved course in laboratory animal studies, this also applies to master’s students. Planned courses for researchers, technicians and master’s students can be found here:


Applications to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (FOTS) for permission to carry out experiments with animals must be submitted no later than 3 months before the start of the experiment.

There is a user fee for access and activity at the experimental animal fascility on the 1st floor TM55 and the “levendeavdeling” on the 1st floor TM53A. 50% of the estimated user payment is paid in before the trial is started, the remaining amount is calculated and paid in after the trial has ended. The user payment must go towards operation, maintenance, upgrading and the purchase of consumables in the departments.

All applicants must state the source of funding. It must also be noted if user payment is to be invoiced for external projects.

Price categories for user payment BIO experimental animal department TM55 and “levendeavdeling” TM53A:

Users Price category Regular/mnth m2/mnth.
Internal, master and PhD without project funding 1 630,- 125,-
BIO with project funding 2 2700,- 270,-
Externals 3 6000,- 600,-
Ex: Climate room 10 m2, price category 2: 2700,- + (10 m2 X 270,-) = 5400,-/mnth.

Fresh water: kr. 6,34 eks. vat. pr. m³.

Desinfection of waste water: kr. 9,34 eks. vat. pr. m³

Sea water: kr. 1,81 eks. vat. pr. m³

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