HSE-action plan for 2024-2026 for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences – consultation

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In September, the university board approved the draft of the new HSE action plan 2023-2026 for the University of Bergen. At the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MN) it was
appointed a working group that was to create the MN faculty’s version based on UiB’s central plan.

The working group has worked its way up to the attached HSE plan for the MN faculty, which is hereby sent for consultation to all units:

HSE action plan 2024-2026(1) [Norwegian language]

The deadline for feedback on consultation statements is Friday 26 January 2024 and can be submitted to Nina Hølland.

The plan will be considered in the faculty board meeting on 22 February 2024.

The members of the working group were Kjetil Ullaland, Julie Stavnes, Ann-Elise O. Jordal and Inger Johanne Fjellanger.


Vennlig hilsen

Elisabeth Müller Lysebo

Inger Johanne Fjellanger

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