Month: February 2024

Fri 23. Mar. PhD defense, Victoria Røyseth

Discovery of novel marine clostripain-like proteases from Arctic hydrothermal vents – activation mechanism, substrate utilization and biotechnological aspects When: 10.15-12.45 Where: Lille auditorium, Datablokken, TM55

Invitation for Nordic COST info-day 23. April

[Our translation] This information day is aimed at potential participants in the new COST actions that will be launched in May/June, as well as future applicants for the COST Open Call with a deadline of 23 October 2024. Invitation and…

Greetings from the Department – 9.2.2024

Dear all, On 6 March there is a big celebration of bioCEED’s 10-year anniversary in the University aula (seeårsjubileum-seminar). bioCEED’s success as a Center for Excellence in Education is largely the result of the efforts of all of us…

Information channels at BIO

Dear all, We are a large department and depend on a set of information channels to distribute information as effectively and with as little spam/noise as possible: The newsletter – Bionytt Joint e-mail lists Teams-groups