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Greetings from the Department – 7.10.2022

This week’s update comes from the Study section which I am heading. I am increadibly proud of the section and the splendid guys working there – who most of you know well! The last few weeks (months) have been very…

Economy update, 7.10.2022

New controller at BIO Kristina Havås Hanson has newly been employed as an economist in the Faculty administration and will be our future primary contact for economy.  She is currently undergoing training by Kjersti Sagosen who will remain in charge…

Wed 12. Oct. MolBio seminar, Mowgli Dandamudi

Uncovering a broader FMRFamide-gated sodium channel family and discovering determinants of peptide sensitivity 9.15-10.00 Rom 439C1 (Inkubatoren), 4. et, Bioblokken eller digitalt – kontakt for lenke

Greetings from the Department – 30.9.2022

Last week, Julie and I attended a meeting of Forhandlingsutvalget at UiB. There, the trade unions made comments that employees at BIO perceive the information about measures aimed at bringing our economy into balance as insufficient. In response to this,…

Stoltzen 2022

A happy team deservedly happy with their effort having represented BIO in this year’s Stoltzekleiven opp!  From left to right: Endre Lyge, Hilde Armo, Selina Våge, Julie Skadal, Knut Olav Daasvatn and Sigurd Stefansson