Greetings from the department – 20.10.2023

Hello everyone!

Thank you to those who attended the general meeting we had earlier in the week. Very pleased with such a good turnout and good input/questions.

I think I had a (small) mistake: I claimed that I resigned as head of department in December. It’s wrong. It is not December, neither this year nor next year. It is September of next year. Regardless; BIO needs a highly motivated, skilled, engaging, inclusive and strategically clear-thinking new head of department. The position will probably be advertised before the new year, so here it is just a matter of speculating about possible candidates and telling them what wonderful colleagues and students, and not least important subject areas, we have at BIO. Many people should be tempted to apply when the time comes.

Speaking of December (this year). On December 5, a lot happens. We will first have an HSE seminar and I encourage everyone to set aside the afternoon for that. Program coming at a later date. Then there is the Christmas party. And even if we’re not going to show off at Terminus, we’re going to have a great time in our own canteen. I hope that together we can make a real party for each other and also encourage everyone here to come. To the extent that it is a draw at all: this will be my last Christmas party as head of department and therefore my last chance to get a 45-minute Christmas speech, with included poetry reading.

Speaking of HSE: we will soon send out an employee survey, where we want to survey well-being and motivation at work, especially considering that BIO is in a challenging financial situation. I hope everyone will answer this one.

And even more HSE: we will soon start safety rounds at BIO and I expect everyone to speak up about what could work better in connection with the physical working environment. It is important.

The weekend is also a bit of HSE, so I wish you all a really good weekend, and hope the nice weather lasts. Greetings Orjan

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