Status update on the current noise situation at Marineholmen


In the following please find an updated status of the noise at Marineholmen. Noise measurements have been carried out and we received the report on Tuesday this week, see attachment [Norwegian language].

The report states, among other things:

The measurements carried out on Friday 27/10/23 are mostly above the recommendations described in the regulations on the execution of work, and some of the measurements also above the limit value given in the regulations on measures and limit values. None of the measurements are of such a degree that they will cause a risk of hearing damage, but the noise in combination with vibrations causes the employees to experience it unpleasantly. During a working day, this can lead to headaches, concentration difficulties and confusion.


Suggestions for possible measures:

1) Will it be possible to float barges a few meters out from the quay? Noise is reduced by the inverse square law and a slightly greater distance will have a lot to say about the noise inside the offices.

2) Encourage Boston to continue working on additional shielding of the exhaust pipes on the barge.

3) For NMR – use offices on the other side of the corridor when they are free.

4) For NMR – use the office landscape on the Realfagbygget on the 3rd floor.

5) For NMR – move the desk as far away from the window as possible.

6) For Bio – noise-reducing headphones, home office and possible vacant offices.


Read the report for more information [Norwegian language].


As of Wednesday, Boston has installed a noise screen on top of the pipes, see photos. EIA has come and carried out measurements after the new measures, and reports that:


I did a quick measurement at ILAB in the 2nd floor bioblock and in the 2nd floor T53A. It is noticeably better, and now it is on the right side of the limit values ​​in both places with the exception of the nearest corner office in T53A, i.e. room 2B18.


I ask that everyone tests how the work noise is now perceived after the new measures and gives feedback if it is still perceived as difficult. I sit very close to the boat myself and can also feel the noise on my body, and also the improvement.


Regards, Julie

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