Greetings from the Department – 5.4.2024


Hope everyone has had a bit of a rest during Easter and has been able to fill up on the obligatory Easter traditions you have.

It’s busy times after Easter for us in the study section, so it will be a bit short from here this week, but with some info that might be good for everyone to know.

A lot of work was done on the course budgets before the Easter holidays and those of you who will be teaching in the autumn will receive answers shortly. The subject group leaders have been sent the needs that have been submitted for compulsory work for the subjects that belong to the subject groups and I hope we can get this in place fairly quickly so that our PhDs also have a predictable autumn.

What may seem a little less predictable this spring than in the past is the new date for publishing timetables. This was previously 1 June, but has now been moved to 1 July. The study section will contact those who have classes in the autumn to find out if there are any who have special needs for the autumn timetables, for example, it could be that someone has planned meetings or conferences which mean that they will be absent for part of the teaching period.

We have many master’s students who will be handing in their master’s thesis on 3 June, a little over 80 in total with all programs, so I hope that everyone sets aside time in their calendars to be able to contribute as internal examiners. For most, the period for master’s exams will be from 17 to 28 June. Those of you who have your own master’s students will receive an email with some more practical information about planning the master’s exam. I would like to remind you that if the examiner is not in Bergen, the exam must be conducted digitally.

Several of us in the study section are going to some exciting seminars in the next few weeks. On 12 April there is a meeting for everyone who works with student information at UiB where we will find out more about how the students feel that we communicate with them, and also a post about how to communicate with Gen Z. I have a lot to learn here!! UiB’s websites are being upgraded and I hope we will be able to get text, images and possibly videos that will be able to communicate what we are working on at BIO and that with these we will be able to recruit good students to our programmes.

The application deadline for our studies is 14 April and I will send out a small update in bionytt when we have the numbers ready.

God helg! 

Beate Ulrikke

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