MN-UiB: Collegial Teaching and Learning in STEM Education Course (MNPED660, 2024/25)

MNPED660 Collegial Teaching and Learning in STEM Education (5 ECTS) is an elective teaching and learning course in higher education for all MN-UiB staff (1). The course is given in English and requires no previous pedagogical training. Both experienced and novice teachers and staff are welcome. This course can count as part of the basic pedagogical competence requirement at UiB.

The course introduces you to core concepts of teaching and learning in higher education to develop your ability to improve student learning and learning environment. Activities in the course will provide participants with a common language for teaching and learning, support collegial reflections and a scholarly approach to teaching and learning. The main component of the course is a group project, addressing a teaching and learning issue of relevance to the participants’ own practice.


All MN-UiB staff are eligible to apply. You may apply as a group of colleagues or individually.

Apply here by 2 September 2024.:


Course team

Professor and director of SERC Sehoya Cotner and Senior Advisor Oddfrid Førland,in collaboration with Associate professor and director of CEE LTH Roy Andersson (LTH).


Course dates

  • 20 Sept 2024, 12:15-15:00 – Session 1
  • 18 Oct 2024, 12:15-15:00 – Session 2
  • Nov-Dec 2024 – Session 3: groupwise meetings on agreed upon time (online if more convenient)
  • 10 Jan 2025, 12:15-15:00 – Session 4
  • 7 March 2025, 09:15-15:00 – Session 5

Full course program and deadlines for assignments can be found in this document:  or by the QR code.

Questions? Contact<> or<>


(1) Staff includes all categories of employees at MN UiB that work with education, teaching and learning (i.e. professors, PhDs, administration, technicians etc).



Sehoya Cotner

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Director, STEM Education Research Center

Project leader, DEVELOP<>

University of Bergen, Norway<>

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