Category: Nye ansikter

Her finner du en presentasjon av våre nyansatte og langtidsgjester.

Ny medarbeider – Nadja Meister

Hi! My name is Nadja Meister, and I have just started my four-year PhD in Marine Ecology. I come from Switzerland, but many of you might already know me since I completed my MSc in Marine Biology here at BIO.

Ny medarbeider – Layamara Xavier Sampaio

Laymara is an environmental scientist from Brazil, where she has done research in environmental justice, conservation and urban greenery. Now she is interested in archaeobotany and paleoecology, themes she will explore under the supervision of Alistair Seddon with the PalaeoChem…

Ny medarbeider – Augusto Do Nascimento

Hi, I am Augusto. I will be working in the PPF Alpine Project for the next six months as a scientific assistant, where I am assisting with geospatial information and literature review on the Last Glacial Maximum alpine glaciers, in…

Ny medarbeider – María Fernández

Hello! My name is María Fernández and I come from Vigo, a city located in the north of Spain and famous for its fishing industry. I just started as a postdoctoral researcher in the Environmental Toxicology group, as a part…

Ny medarbeider: Peter Groth Farsund

Hi! My name is Peter. I am a PhD candidate at the FUNDER project led by Vigdis Vandvik and the Between the Fjords research group. I’m staying at UiO during the spring semester of 2024 to do initial lab work…

Ny medarbeider – Mika Helene Kirkhus

Mika Helene Kirkhus, stipendiat Hi, I am Mika, and I just started my PhD with Vigdis Vandvik (UiB) and Håvard Kauserud (UiO), as part of the DURIN project. I am staying at UiO until the summer of 2024 to learn…

Ny medarbeider – Sofie Søderstrøm

Hej hej! My name is Sofie Søderstrøm, and I just started as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Marma-detox project in the Environmental toxicology group here at BIO. Originally from Sweden, I’ve called Bergen home for the past 14 years.

Ny medarbeider: Zoran Sargac

Hello everyone! My name is Zoran Sargac and I am a new Postdoc research fellow at the Department of Biological Sciences as a part of SEAS programme.