Category: Nye ansikter

Her finner du en presentasjon av våre nyansatte og langtidsgjester.

Ny medarbeider – Katie Downham

Hi, my name is Katie and I am a new PhD research fellow at BIO. My project will be looking at the regulation of LKB1, a kinase, the mutation of which causes Peutz- Jeghers syndrome, supervised by Fergal O’Farrell.

Ny medarbeider – Lotta Schultz, stipendiat

Hei, my name is Lotta and I am from a small village in the Austrian Alps. I got my bachelor´s degree in Biology at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart (Germany) and my master´s degree in Ecology at the University…

Ny medarbeider – Irina Zhulay

Hi! My name is Irina Zhulay, and I am a new postdoctoral research fellow within the Deep-Sea Biology group at the Department of Biological Sciences (