Deep-sea dive Live stream

Join us for a live stream of a remotely-operated dive at Loki’s castle hydrothermal vent field in the Arctic, 2300 meters below sea level. Hydrothermal vents in the deep sea are extreme habitats where hot water rich in minerals gushes from cracks in the Earth’s crust, creating unique ecosystems that operate independently of sunlight. During the live stream, we’ll explore the animals and microorganisms inhabiting these areas, delve into geochemistry, and collect samples.

The deep sea remains largely unexplored and inaccessible for most people. This live stream aims to provide an opportunity to experience a deep-sea dive straight from the remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) mission room, with commentary from the scientists onboard the research vessel G.O. SARS. The event is hosted by the RIALHE project (Remote Intelligent Access to Labs in Higher Education), in collaboration with the Centre for Deep Sea Research at University of Bergen targeting students, educators, researchers, in addition to the general public.

Streaming will start either on the 3rd or 4th of July, depending on weather conditions and scheduling. You can register for the live stream and receive updates for dive start:


Beste hilsen



Petra Hribovšek

Postdoctoral Researcher / Deep Sea Biology Research Group

Department of Biological Sciences

Center for Deep Sea Research

University of Bergen

Phone: +47 96 90 85 74šek

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