Economy update 18.11.2022

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Financial work: While we wait for the final distribution of the budget, we have started preparing BIO’s budget for next year. We have started by looking at the costs of tuition and fixed salaries.
We have also recently finalized an updated estimate for the financial year 2022 as of October 2022, and this time we have lowered the estimate to 51 million in accumulated deficit. We still have a number of uncertainties that must be settled before the New Year. Including the holiday balance, so I would like to remind you to register your holiday. As previously informed, there is no opportunity to transfer holiday to 2023, unless (part of) your holiday has been cancelled due to illness.

Status of relocation: Still high activity in the areas affected by relocation, and expect a lot of work until the deadline of 02 December.

Nomination of candidates for UiB’s working environment award

Bildet viser en ansatt i dialog med studenter
Arbeidsmiljøprisen ved UiB kan tildeles enkeltpersoner, fakultet, avdelinger, seksjoner, fagmiljø, grupper eller enheter.
Eivind Senneset

The University of Bergen have established a yearly award to raise awareness and stimulate efforts to improve the working environment at UiB’s units. The award consists of a diploma and 75.000 NOK.

Deadline: 11. December.

Read more and nominate candidates (Norwegian language)