Greetings from the Department

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This has been a fantastic week. Spring has arrived in full swing and the temperature has crept above 20 degrees!
A lot has happened in the Molecular biology group this week. Thomas Stevenson defended his thesis on Tuesday. Under the supervision of Sushma Grellscheid and Kari Fladmark, he has studied how some microscopic organelles in the cells, so-called stress granules, function and how they can have an impact on disease, such as e.g. neurodegenerative disorders in humans. Many congratulations Thomas for a great job! This week, our new master’s students have also been presented with master’s projects, and first-year bachelor’s students have had an information meeting, with information about further studies and they have gained an insight into the compulsory courses they will have next semester.

In the autumn, we will start two new courses: Techniques, model systems and current research topics in molecular biology ( and Molecular biology of the nervous system ( We are looking forward to this and hope that many students will choose these subjects.

For the master’s students who started in August, submission is approaching. Keep up the good work, it’s nice to see so much good work that has been done! And to all the rest of you who also do a brilliant job; keep going, there will be many well-deserved days off in May 🙂



New member of staff – Layamara Xavier Sampaio

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Laymara is an environmental scientist from Brazil, where she has done research in environmental justice, conservation and urban greenery. Now she is interested in archaeobotany and paleoecology, themes she will explore under the supervision of Alistair Seddon with the PalaeoChem Research Group.

Meet the candidates (groups B and D) for the department council electon 2024

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In 2024, representatives to the department council will be elected for group B (temporary employees in scientific positions) and group D (students). The election will be held in the period 22-24 May. On the department’s election page, you will find an overview of the candidates with some information about each of them.

Many thanks to the candidates who have made themselves available!

Do you want to join the roof garden team?

Hello! As announced in the last issue, the department has received support to develop a roof garden on top of the A block (TM53A). The garden will of course be open for everyone to enjoy – students as well as staff. We aim to achieve a mixture of useful and ornamental, and annual and perennial plants. We are quite excited to see if the bumblebees and bees find their way all the way up to the roof!

UiB: New expert lists on nature conservation and sustainability at with strong representation from BIO

UiB represented by the Communication Divison publishes thematic expert lists within a number of socially relevant topics to make it easier for journalists and others to find relevant knowledge and expertise. New expert lists relating to nature conservation and sustainability have recently been published in which the Department of Biological Sciences is very well represented.

We are also represented in several of the other expert lists, including

For your information: Hearing – NOU 2024:2 In interaction with nature – Natural risks for industries, sectors and society in Norway

[Our translation (using google translate)]

The Ministry of Climate and Environment invites the university to provide input to NOU 2024:2 In interaction with nature — Natural risks for industries, sectors and society in Norway by 15 June.

The faculties are hereby informed about the consultation and are asked to consider making relevant academic circles aware of the possibility of giving input via the government’s websites.

An institutional input to NOU 2024:2 will not be prepared.


Vennlig hilsen
Arme R. Ramslien

Mona Viksøy

Reminder: SPIRE seed funding – Application deadline May 9th

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The call for support from “Strategisk program for internasjonalt forskningssamarbeid (SPIRE)” for 2024 is now published.  Application deadline is 9. May, and you can apply for support in two categories:

1. SPIRE funds for international research collaborations

2. SPIRE – Suport for guest researchers

Please see this website for more information and application form [Norwegian language]

Applications are to be submitted via the UiB document system (ePhorte).  Please contact for help