Improve your Academic Writing and Presentation Skills in English

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We are happy to announce that UiB Ferd now offer courses in academic English. It is the professional language training company Lingu that will give the training.

Mastering academic English is as important as mastering your discipline itself. It is decisive for conference presentations, getting published in journals and networking.

Even if your general level of English is high, many scholars can benefit from expanding their skills in both written and oral presentations.

In 2022, UiB will arrange three courses each semester, where the faculties have been grouped together for the best learning outcome.

Each course will have three class days; each class will run from 09.00 to 13.00. Each student will also receive one 30-minute individual session with the instructor.

The course is digital and will take place via Zoom.

Maximum 10 participants per course.

Ellen Hagen
Seniorrådgiver / seksjon for arbeidsmiljø og organisasjonsutvikling
HR – Avdeling
Universitetet i Bergen
Tlf: +47 99 51 85 40

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