Science, Technology, and Society: RRI Course Digital Life Norway – 5 ECTS

This summer, DLN is again organizing its signature course on RRI (5 ECTS) for early career researchers – PhDs and Post-docs.

As you may already know, RRI is a policy instrument adopted by the European Commission and endorsed by the Norwegian Research Council to guide research efforts towards a societally inclusive and responsive model.

This course is thus aimed at introducing the concept of responsible research and innovation and giving the participants a space to explore how these considerations arise in their own projects whether their interests lie in drug development, systems modelling, aquaculture, beer brewing or others. The skills developed through this course would offer early career researchers the language and tools needed to understand the broader implications of their research, as well as the social and political context within which their research is embedded. Skills that would prove critical for the career advancement of early career researchers,

Additionally, this is one of the corner stones of the DLN initiative and one of the arenas where DLN really can sow the seeds necessary to transform the Norwegian biotechnology science. In practice this means that to fully engage with the societal challenges we now face, reseearch and innovation in biotechnology must engage with stakeholders beyond science. RRI is a tool that facilitate this engagement among other aspects of your research.

So, we ask that you please help us spread information about the course in your own research groups and networks and encourage participants to register by the 17th of April.

Here is a link to the course.<>


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