Newsletter September 2023. Psychological support for PhD candidates and young researchers

Dear everyone

I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer filled with the joys of life, warmth, and sunshine, feeling energized and eager to meet the colorful autumn that is on our doorstep.

My two most popular interactive presentations last semester were the “Excellence in work” (2-hour session) and “Downs and ups of the PhD”. In the former we explore how we can work smartly with our minds and body to produce more results with less effort, and in the latter, we look at some of the challenges with being a researcher and what we can do to support ourselves. In both lectures is the notion that humans are pack animals and that we thrive when having good social connections. As we are stepping into the fall semester, I encourage everybody to invest in forming relations and maintaining the existing ones to boost your resilience and energy.

Speaking of which:

For the coming autumn we have set up the following dates for a psychological support group:

Thursday 21/9, 1215-1530 

Thursday 26/10, 1215-1530 

Thursday 23/11, 1215-1530 

Thursday 14/12, 1215-1530 

Sign-ups are found on our resource page I will also post this on the calendar on

On our resource page you can also sign-up for buddy groups. These are self-organized groups where you find and meet like-minded researchers who are looking for a supportive company.

If you would like to have a one-to-one consultation about a work-related issue you can book an appointment with us at (We cannot offer treatment, but 1-2 sessions in exploring what is going on for you and what you might want to do about it)

Be aware that we have just moved into our new offices in Nygårdsgaten 5. Which means that consultations will happen here from now onwards.

Also, if you would like to have a conversation/presentation/workshop on psychological subjects for your PhD/ early career researcher group we are happy to do so. Send us an email at

A big thank you to all who have provided feedback on our resource page. I am currently trying to update and implement the suggestions. Any insights or ideas you might be sitting with are very welcome.


I wish you a fantastic September!

Andreas @the occupational health service (bedriftshelsetjenesten UiB)


I wish you all the best,


Andreas H. Schei

Psychologist, bedriftshelsetjenesten UiB



Phone: 55 58 87 32

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