CBE JU (Circular Bio-based Europe, Joint Undertaking) networking platform to support applicants

Are you considering applying for the CBE JU 2024 call for project proposals? Join the CBE JU networking platform to present your organisation, pitch your project ideas, look for partners, offer your services, and, more importantly, get in touch with other CBE JU community members!

The platform is open as of today and until the call submission deadline on 18 September 2024. As of 22 February, you will be able to book meetings with other participants on the platform, both for the 23 April event and online before and after the event.

When registering on the platform, you can choose from three options:

  • Register for the in-person info day and the online networking platform
  • Register only for the online networking platform
  • Register only for the in-person info day

Cannot come to Brussels? Follow the event online.

The info day will be streamed online on 23 April, and its recording will be made available on the event page afterwards. You will be able to ask questions via an online tool during the event’s Q&A session, and engage with other potential applicants on the CBE JU networking platform.

Register for the CBE JU Info Day 2024 | Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) (europa.eu)

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