EMBRC-IT 1° Access Call Launch

EMBRC-IT is launching its first Access Call to fund short projects that will involve the access to a selection of more than 70 EMBRC-IT services (including ecosystem access to the Ischia Volcanic Vents by SZN, access to the UNITO Marine Fungi Culture Collection, to the UNIMIB MaHRE Center in the Maldives, to the Polar Aquaria facility of UNIVPM and many others).

This is a great opportunity for marine and non-marine researchers to boost their career through the access to excellent services of a Marine Institute of the Italian Node of EMBRC-IT!

Project funding will include:

– Free-of-charge access to the selected services (that will be covered by EMBRC-IT)

– Reimbursement of travel (one round trip, economy class) for a maximum of 400€

– Reimbursement of meals and accommodation (up to 28 days, weekends included) with an upper limit of 100€ per day, covering meals up to a maximum of 40€ per day.

This call is open for PhD Students, Post-Doctoral Researchers, Permanent Staff for Academic Institutions or non-profit Organizations.


10-12 Projects will be funded in this 1° Call


Are you interested in applying to the Access Call?

Here you can find the full text of the call: https://embrc.it/en/embrc-it-launches-a-call-for-funded-transnational-access/

Here you can find the the Access Call Service List, the Proposal Template and the Guide to the Application on AIRA: https://embrc.it/en/embrc-it-media-en/

Here you can find the ARIA Application portal, where to submit the project proposal: https://aria.embrc.eu/submit-call/embrc-italy—access

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