ExcelAQUA Summer School 2024 – Fish Physiology and Sustainable Aquaculture

The summer school is a great opportunity for you to travel and experience Japan while at the same time learning about fish physiology and aquaculture. Six students from UiB together with course instructors from BIO will spend a couple days with our Japanese hosts in Tokyo before splitting up into groups and participate in coursework, in either Hakodate, Miyagi, Tokyo, Nagoya, or Mie. All major expenses are paid by the ExcelAQUA 2.0 project.


This year’s course is a collaboration between University of Bergen and eight Universities and research institutions in Japan. Through state-of-the-art lectures and laboratory sessions you will learn theory and applied lab techniques currently used in fish physiology and aquaculture from internationally recognized experts. During the course you will learn how to integrate results from the laboratory and apply what you learned to solve issues in aquaculture. At the end of the course, you will present and discuss the significance of your result with the rest of course. The course will take place from the 10 to 23 of June 2024. The course is free of charge and UiB will cover travel, accommodation, and meals during the course.


The course will give priorities for Master and PhD students at BIO that is linked to relevant master and PhD education programs in aquaculture, physiology, developmental biology, and fish health. The course is limited to 6 students from Norway (There will also be 6 students from Japan). Students with relevant research topics for their thesis will be given priority. Please state your thesis area when applying


Questions regarding the course should be addressed to Tom Ole Nilsen (Tom.nilsen@uib.no) or Ivar Rønnestad (ivar.ronnestad@uib.no)
A previous student, Christine, may also be contacted for more info: Christine.Horne@uib.no
Beate Rensvik (beate.rensvik@uib.no) is the administrative responsible at UiB.

Please register before 5. April 2024 at the following link: https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=16798365


Beate Ulrikke

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