Tor 26. okt. Ocean Science Bar

Vindturbinar på Hywind Tampen, Noregs fyrste havvindpark, som offisielt vart opna i august 2023.
Fotograf: Anne Christine Utne Palm / HI

Thursday October 26, 19-20 hrs at Statsraaden Bar & Reception

Environmental Impacts of Offshore Wind Power Production

The Norwegian government has launched an ambitious plan for ocean offshore wind farms on the Norwegian continental shelf, with the aim to install 30 GW of electricity production by 2040. This planned activity come on top of other human activities in Norwegian ocean water such as fisheries, marine transport and oil & gas exploration. Moreover, this is on top of ambitions plans for similar development in neighboring countries around the North sea basin. Knowledge on the potential impacts of such massive invasive development in our oceans are however limited. Moreover, large parts of the oceans are still not mapped in detail in terms of biological and geological diversity, both being important for identify vulnerable habitats and ecosystem services, and key for optimal siting of ocean wind farms in order to minimize negative ecological impacts.

At the Ocean Science Bar, researchers from the Institute of Marine Research will present insights from some resent research projects with relevance to ocean wind farm development including results from the national ocean mapping program MAREANO, via impacts of underwater noise on marine life, to more specific studies on potential impacts of ocean wind farm development on marine life and fisheries.


Pål Buhl-Mortensen – Mapping the Oceans – exciting discoveries in the depth of the Norwegian Trench

Lise Sivle Doksæter – Underwater soundscape and impact of anthropogenic noise on marine life

Anne Christine Utne Palm – Impact of Offshore Ocean Wind farms on marine life and fisheries – updates from a research cruise with GO Sars on Hywind Tampen

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be updated on this important topic – mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable evening at Statsraaden Bar & Reception!


Beste hilsen


Geir Lasse

Professor Geir Lasse Taranger

Research Director/Vice Director

Institute of Marine Research

P.O. Box 1870 Nordnes

Bergen, NORWAY


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