Upcoming courses at CCBIO spring 2024

Dear all

We have a range of courses coming up this spring, and please note: for study point (ECTS) providing participation, registration deadline is February 1, in Studentweb. So, PhD candidates and students: remember to register, and supervisors and PIs, remember to advise your students to register.

(Except for the Clinical Trials course which takes place January 17-19, which qualifies for a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certificate as well as study points. ECTS deadline in Studentweb for this course was January 5, and non-ECTS registration closes January 12.)

Courses with deadline February 1 for registration in Studentweb:

CCBIO901, the CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium series (3 ECTS). Also register in Skjemaker for each event. The coming event is February 1. Also open for other than students / non-ECTS.

CCBIO902, the CCBIO Seminar series and the Annual Symposium (3 ECTS). Also open for other than students / non-ECTS. Coming dates are in the CCBIO calendar.

CCBIO903, Cancer research: Ethical, economic and social aspects (5 ECTS). Course week 1: April 8-12, and course week 2: June 3-6.
This course focuses on ethical, economical and societal aspects of cancer and cancer research and aims to equip cancer researchers with tools for reflecting on the limits, challenges and opportunities of their own research, as well as provide an understanding of the outside-the-lab context, with discussions on the broader ethical, social, economic and political implications of their research. Such knowledge is not only important on a personal level as a researcher, but also in funding proposals to be able to clarify any ethical issues related to the implementation of projects, and be better equipped to provide an explanation of how such issues will be dealt with.

CCBIONeur910: Patient and Public Involvement in Medical and Health Research (2 ECTS). Also open for other than students / non-ECTS. Takes place April 17–19.
The course aims to inspire increased user participation in research trials and will present methods on how to involve user representatives. This is highly relevant to all biomedical research fields, and Patient and Public Involvement is documented to positively impact the relevance and efficacy in medical research. Participation will increase your capacity to assess and convey the value of patient and public involvement in general, as well as promote productive user involvement in your own research projects.

CCBIO908, Scientific Writing and Communication Seminar (2 ECTS). Also open for other than students / non-ECTS. Takes place May 21-22.
This course teaches how to organize ideas, results and messages in a scientific paper, improve titles and abstracts, present a clear problem statement, use punctuation, grammar and numbering in a text, write an informative and convincing cover letter, and will also present and discuss what is good research communication.

CCBIO904, Biomarkers and tumor biology in clinical practice (4 ECTS).  Also open for other than students / non-ECTS. Takes place May 29-31.
This course covers tumor biological aspects important for the understanding of why cancer develops, and which mechanisms are important for tumor growth, metastases and morbidity in patients. The course will focus especially on tumor biological changes that may have or already have significance for personalized cancer treatment and clinical trial studies of new diagnostics and treatment.



Kind regards

Eli Synnøve Vidhammer

Communications officer

Centre for Cancer Biomarkers CCBIO

Faculty of Medicine

University of Bergen

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