Our first monthly BIO Early Career Researcher Community get-together/lønningspils!

Last Thursday the 7th of March, we had our first monthly BIO ERC Community get-together with pizza and music! It was amazing and much fun to see so many people from across the department enjoying the great food and drinks.

This was the first event of our monthly get-together, and more to come. When the weather continues to brighten and warm up, we aim to have a BBQ with music during April and hopefully with some dancing. In addition, we certainly aim to do a large get-together on the 17th of May with much to look forward to.

So thanks to all who joined and we hope to see many more of you next time!

Are you not yet in the TEAMS group of the BIO Early Career Researcher Community but would like to be? Just let one of us know! Are you interested in joining the organization of the events? Just let one of us know!

We look forward to seeing you around and shaping the future of the BIO Early Career Researcher Community together!



Christian Quintana (Phd), Maaike Zwier (PhD), Susanne Berthelsen (technician), Hedda Ørbæk (PhD), Suzette Flantua (forsker), Nina Hølland (Admin), Lotta Schultz (PhD).

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