Seminar series at the University Museum during One Ocean Week

Photo: see below

There will be a series of seminars given at The University Museum during OneOcean week, make sure to catch these if you are interested in marine biodiversity!


Topics, dates and times:

  • Who eats whom? Marine worms with jaws – delicious and dangerous! 16.04.2024 – 14.00–14.30
  • Jellyfish in Norway – mostly harmless or murderous monsters? 17.04.2024 – 14.00–14.30
  • Sharks of Norway 18.04.2024 – 14.00–15.00
  • Elusive biodiversity: a journey through the less known but most exquisite groups of marine animals 19.04.2024 – 14.00–14.30

Where: Natural History Museum (Forhandlingsrommet), at Muséplassen 3 (use the main entrance of the Museum).

Free entrance, pick up your ticket from the museum gift shop 15 minutes before start.

Image credits:

Eunice pennata (jaws): Nataliya Budaeva,
Physophora hydrostatica: Joan Soto-Angel,
Håbrann (Porbeagle Shark): Andy Murch /,
Elysia viridis: Manuel A. Malaquias, UiB/UM

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